they’re hitched! {part one}

the wedding last saturday went splendidly!  the weather was beautiful,  the bride and groom were happy to be saying “i do,” and all the guests enjoyed themselves!!

unfortunately, i did not take as many pictures of the set-up and decor as i had hoped.  and if you know me at all, you know i just hate to show off a “project” before it’s finished.

but this is the exception to the rule…  i just can’t wait another week to post pictures!  so here is a pool of pics that i’ve collected from facebook friends and our cameras over the past week.  {sources of pictures listed below each one that was not taken by myself or my husband} 

{above picture by crenshaw hall}

{above picture by lisa holleman warren/groom’s mother & photographer}


{above two pictures by crenshaw hall}

{above picture: lisa holleman warren}

{above picture: lisa holleman warren}


{above picture by crenshaw hall}

what a beautiful couple!!

there are so many more pictures that i could post… but i think my computer would explode if i tried!  i am impatiently anxiously awaiting the pictures by the professional photographers! {sweet life photo took some amazing photo booth shots…so i’m sure the rest of the pictures will be amazing!}

all in all, the wedding was beautiful… a night to remember!  i’m so thankful that laura and jeremy allowed me to be a part of their big day!

{stay tuned for: they’re hitched! {part two: review of vendors}

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