cloudy with a 100% chance of {i do}

laura and jeremy will tie the knot one week from today!!

weddings are so exciting… i really have enjoyed all the planning and crafting for this wedding.  i cannot wait to get in there and decorate the venue!!!

laura and jeremy are getting married at the crenshaw hall in wake forest… it’s a very nice house and grounds.  this house was inherited by the current owner… they have been doing weddings for about 2 years now at this location… (i wish i could have a beautiful historic home with a great layout for weddings left to me…or maybe i could win the lottery and buy one!!! LOL!)

my dining room is stacked high with boxes of wedding decor… i have the boxes numbered and color coded for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.  i have a timeline for the day-of, checklists, and diagrams for every area that needs decorating.  i am ready to do this thing!!

we’ve been watching the weather closely. 2 days ago, the forecast called for rain all day and possible thunderstorms.  yesterday, the forecast called for showers off and on all day.  and today, the forecast calls for cloudy with only a 10% chance of rain.  i like those odds much better!  we’ve discussed the rain plan {insert: dreary music here}.  we are hoping for sunshine and blue skies!  but there is definitely a 100% chance of nuptials that day!!

did i forget to mention…… this wedding is happening on:
saint patrick’s day!!!

and don’t worry this wedding isn’t an over-the-top “they’re always after me lucky charms” st. patrick’s day wedding… it’s still a wedding and it still has to be classy!! but it is st. patrick’s day, so there’s got to be a touch of irish to celebrate the day!  right?!

there may or may not be some gold making an appearance… and there may or may not be some clovers peaking out here and there… and there just might be a leprechaun hiding in the corner!! can you imagine it??

ok, i’m not going to say anymore… don’t want to ruin the surprise!  i won’t post pictures until after the wedding either….  so for the next week, i just want you to anticipate a wedding with gold, clovers, and a leprechaun… {that’s called building suspense…}

stay tuned for pictures of laura & jeremy’s big day!!

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