{pretty porch} for free!!

the weather was ahhhh-mazing today…  i’m so glad i was able to enjoy it… but every good thing must come to an end.  my days off are over and i’m back to work tomorrow.  at least it’s just for two days.  but i have a feeling these next two days are going to be ridiculously packed with 5 days worth of work.  oh joy…

today we went to the scrap exchange and it was pretty interesting.  i can’t believe i haven’t been there before now.  it’s a warehouse of… well, scraps.  barrels and aisles full of bottle caps, construction scraps, paper goods, wooden spools, plaster molds, VHS tapes, doors, yarn…… the list just goes on and on!  i’m sure i could find a use for all that stuff, but the projects i have on my list don’t include wooden spools or VHS tapes.  so i exercised great restraint today….  but i’ll keep that place in my back pocket!

i do feel like we got a lot done today… a little painting, a little cleaning, a little upholstering, a little sanding, a little organizing, and a little fun time with little sadie bug next door.

so, i repainted one of the chairs i got from my aunt and reupholstered the seat with a vinyl tablecloth that nick was about to get rid of.  the silver painted pedestal i also got from my aunt, as well as the shutters and the fire poker hanger-thingy.  the letter “C” was previously on our wall inside but i’m changing the decor in the living room… {is that surprising??}  i painted the “C” white and sanded it down to show some the metal underneath.  the coke bottles and plastic holder came from the bottle dump… and the astroturf rug was previously on the back porch (if you recall from the post yipes! stripes!).  i just cut it into a circle and moved it to the front porch. and viola! new entry way decor for the porch. it may change after a while but for now…. i like it!  and the best part about this porch seating:  it was free!!

overall it was a great day!!  and now off to bed i go… {stay tuned for more pics of our projects and the great finds we got on our valentine’s day trip!!}

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2 Responses to {pretty porch} for free!!

  1. Auntie Pat says:

    Porch entry looks great! You had a fun and productive day. I painted all day too. Made some wall hangings out of old wood and knobs and stuff. Decoupaged a chair with some yellow rose fabric. Spent all day having fun too. Fighting a cold but painting is much more theraputic (spelling is wrong but oh well) than staying in bed and it’s going to go away when it wants to no matter what I do. You are so talented and I am proud of you. LOL Keep painting!

    • Thanks! I’ve been on the hunt for door knobs and hooks to attach them to boards too! Great minds think alike. 🙂 Nick and I are considering getting a spot at the flea market this summer. Lots of dumpster diving, craigslist hunying, and projects in store! Love you!

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