{dumpster L.O.V.E.}

with valentine’s day looming near and three days of approved leave, i’ve had such a relaxing weekend so far… we did our usual tidying up around the house on saturday

jake got a bath… and he was less than enthused

we drove to wake forest to pick up a pub table that we found on craigslist…

we stopped at mom and dad’s to visit for a bit since we were in the area… then headed home… it was late, but we decided to take the long way home.

{well, actually i convinced nick to take the long way home so we could do a little…………dumpster diving.}

nick took such a long time taking that picture, my arms got tired and i ended up falling into the dumpster……….

we found an old oak end table with a drawer…it needs to be sturdied up and painted, but not too shabby!  i found a strip of detailed crown moulding and some nickel drawer pulls… nick found a nice garden hose, a bale of hay for target practice, and a january issue of Our State magazine.

so not an extremely lucrative trip but it was the thrill of the hunt that made it a fun night… and we enjoyed our time together!  i looked over at my husband behind the wheel and just knew….i just knew that he was the only one for me.  we were meant for each other… and i couldn’t live without him.

{{btw, that picture of the girl hovering precariously over the dumpster is not me… not sure what that says about me if you actually thought that was me! LOL!}}

we’re heading out of town tomorrow for some valentine’s day quality time… and who knows what’s in store for us! we may not find anything on our journey, but i do know we will enjoy every step of the way…because we’ll be together.  {{and that’s better than a dozen roses, jewelry, or any box of chocolates on valentine’s day in my book}}

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One Response to {dumpster L.O.V.E.}

  1. Dave Clarke says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha…..best thing I’ve read in awhile…..u r 2 much……..love u Daddy Dave

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