{oh, that gypsy way}

on MLK day this year, nick and i went to greenville to visit with my auntie pat and her husband, kim.  we’ve recently reconnected with them and it’s like no time has even passed.  it was really nice to spend the day with them.  she has a gypsy way about her as well.  and she does some a-mazing paint treatments on furniture.  she showed us some of the pieces she’s working on and it was just eye candy galore!

we were instructed to bring the truck, so we did.  but i don’t think nick realized what he was getting himself into!  before heading to her shop, we made a detour at her storage building… and she just set me loose in there.  “here take this” and “you need this, don’t you?” and “let me get you a box.”  it was like storage wars and american pickers got together and had a baby!  and that baby was me!  at one point, nick had to reign me in…  and auntie pat was still sneaking things into the truck when he wasn’t looking.  {LOL!} 

then we finally made it to her shop at artisan’s… someone cue frank sinatra, will ya?!  heaven, i’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that i can hardly speak… and it just hit me:  i got some darn good genes. {the gypsy way from my mom’s side …and… creative genius from my dad’s side}  oh, there’s no stopping me now!  ::insert evil laugh here::

stay tuned for some of the great things i’ve created from my treasure trove!!

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