{me & my dinosaurs}

today we went–for lack of better words–antiquing in durham… sometimes it’s just soothing to pick through thrift stores and antique stores.  we’re never really looking for anything in particular….just picking.  and we seem to happen upon the greatest things!!

today we found ourselves at pennies for change on durham chapel hill boulevard.  i got two long shelves for my art room so i can finally get it organized {$6 total}… and then i found the most amazing thing(s) ever!!

yellow plastic dinosaurs made into earrings!!  and they were only $1!!  i had to buy them.  now the tough part is finding the perfect outfit to go with these mustard monsters.  oh, but i welcome the challenge!

i had it in my mind to wear them to work tomorrw, but i quickly realized that yellow plastic dinosaurs are not necessarily the most appropriate attire for the courtroom…… maybe i’ll wear them on a day when i’m not standing before a judge explaining to him/her why i believe a certain juvenile should remain locked up.  i think it may be a tad difficult to take me seriously with yellow dimetrodons dangling from my ears…wouldn’t you agree?? LOL!!

{btw, i did a google search to make sure i knew what kind of dinosaurs they were!}  these cold-blooded dinosaurs with sails on their backs preyed on freshwater sharks!  how badass is that?!  seeing that i hate sharks and have a fear of being eaten (or losing a leg) every time i swim in the ocean, i think these earrings are a perfect fit for me!

and it should also be noted that as i write this post, i am singing a little ditty i learned at girlscout camp when i was younger:

me and my dinosaur, i’ve never had such a friend before
as big as a house, 20 times & a half, and 50 times tallers than any giraffe
legs long as sequouia trees, teeth big as piano keys
no two people are buddies more than me and my dinosaur!!

that’s just the chorus, but i won’t bore you with the entire song.  i just thought i’d share this special find with you tonight.  because i’m super excited about them!!

is there something super weird and kind of embarrassing that you got one day and just wanted to share it with everyone??  if so, let me know!

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One Response to {me & my dinosaurs}

  1. Ally Duckett says:

    um…. LOVE! I absolutely love dinosaurs. I would totally buy those and I think you are beyond awesome for buying them. You have got to wear those to work!

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