have you ever been in the middle of a sentence or thought and just randomly found yourself following a path of chemical synapses firing in your brain that lead you to a completely differently idea??  it happens to me all the time!

the adult human brain is estimated to contain from 1014 to 5 × 1014 (100–500 trillion) synapses!  (yeah, that’s straight from wikipedia).  that’s a whole lot of neurotransmitters firing…and a whole lot of opportunities for me to get distracted!

sometimes i am in the middle of a project, and i get derailed by something… i.e. wedding planning, baby shower planning, lack of funds, holidays, etc… it’s really something i’d like to work on.  starting a project and finishing it in the same weekend! …and then of course, blogging about it.

i feel like i’ve just dropped off the face of the earth, and i’m sure those who follow my blog have completely forgotten that the gypsy pursuit still exists!  it does…

my current projects include:

painting/distressing a giant mirror and hanging it over the guest bed (because i can’t get rid of it and i hate the mirror that is currently over the guest bed)  status: painted and distressed. needs to be hung…that involves my muscle-man husband…so maybe we’ll get it done this weekend.  pics to follow!

staining/reupholstering grrrreat mission style bench that we got on craigslist for fifty clamsstatus: stained but needs to be clear coated and upholstered.  i have found the fabric..i just need to purchase it and attach it.  and of course, clear coating shall be done by my above mentioned husband.

painting trim in master bedroom (2 feet from ceiling and up in lighter shade of bayside blue) status:  need to start…

jake’s bed  status: nick has built it, we just need to paint it and upholster it… who knows when that’s going to happen!

making an empty frame into an earring holder status:  got the frame from auntie pat on MLK day (yay!)… just need to attach some wood strips with drilled holes and hang it on the wall over my jewelry table.  seems easy enough… but i’m still searching for the perfect trim to use…

paint jewelry table status:  needs to be painted.  (thinking about adding a fabric curtain on the front…we’ll see)

okay, so i think that’s enough for now.  i promise  i will jump on these projects as soon as possible so i can update my blog with pictures… sorry for leaving you hanging for so long!!  it won’t happen again!

just a little eye candy for the day:










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