{engaged vs. married} photo contest

there’s a current debate on the koyal wholesale facebook page of:

{engaged vs. married}

engaged and married couples submit their best picture and everyone votes on their favorite picture. the prize is $50 towards their product line {i.e. wedding & event supplies…which is right up my alley} so nick and i went to my parents’ house over the weekend and my dad snapped some pictures for us.

my dad took tons of pictures.  my dad always says that in photography, quantity equates to quality.  i only liked 2 of them… and to no fault of my dad, because he’s an awesome photographer… but due to my own self-consciousness of my chin and mid section.
(yes, you’re right…just a tad vain)

well these are my two favorite pictures from our
“married photo shoot”
so i have sent my submission to koyal wholesale and the picture will be posted on their facebook page shortly.

to vote for us, all you have to do is:

(1) click “Like” on the Koyal Wholesale page
(2)  click the “Like” and “Share” button under the photo in the album.
Like = 1 vote, Share = 2 votes.
{{voting ends 12/20/11}}}

and this is a picture i took of mom and dad

aren’t they just adorable?!

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