{durham deals} bridal odds ‘n ends

so many people have told me that i find the best deals… so i’ve decided to share the deals i happen upon with everyone as i see them… that way you can cash in on my fabulous finds as well!  because let’s face it…i don’t need to buy something just because it’s on sale…i know my limit… but it may be perfect  for you!  so here’s what i came across this evening on my “drive home detour.” 

if you are a bride or know a bride in the durham area, here are some odds ‘n ends for your/their big day at a great low price!

{these items were at the Michael’s  at the New Hope Commons shopping center}

beautiful white ring bearer pillow  {originally $24.99 –sale price $14.99)

(my bride is having no children at her wedding…so i didn’t pick this one up!)

XL white bridal slippers
  {originally $9.99 — sale price: $1.99}

you can’t see it, but these have beads and sequins on them…

champagne toasting flutes {originally $21.99 — sale price: $11.99}

i’m not sure if my bride will want these when she sees them… so if you really want them, you may want to rush over there and get them before she does!!
{a little healthy competition never hurt anyone! lol!}

but just remember that my loyalty lies with my bride and i can’t promise i won’t throw some elbows for these puppies if i have to! 🙂

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