{thrift shop freak out}

{if you haven’t read the previous post, you may want to before you proceed}

as previously discussed, i planned to stop by the durham rescue mission on my way home from work today, in hopes of finding those spectacular rabbit head brackets waiting for me to scoop them up and take them home for an awesome low price of $2.50. (they don’t sound that great, but trust me, they are!)

i was on the phone with my mom as i walked into the thrift store.  i’m sure she could just hear the grin on my face as i swooned over those bunnies and my ideas for them.  she wished me luck and told me to let her know if i found them.  i was on a high that you couldn’t imagine.  i couldn’t sleep the night before because i kept envisioning my dining room wall, finally complete with custom shelves and rabbit head brackets!

i headed straight for the “bric a brac” aisles and zoomed down each one, scanning the shelves.  i just knew as soon as i saw them they’d hop into my hands crying, “here we are!! take us home!!”  but that never happened.  how disappointing!

i walked down those aisles a total of three times each… each time slower than the last making sure i didn’t miss a nook or cranny.  they weren’t there… my heart just dropped to the floor.  sadness and regret and irritation swam through my veins, and then it hit me.  they sometimes move things!  there have been times that i’ve noticed items move to different shelves, so i immediately went to the childrens’ section hoping they would be sitting there next to the elephant figurine and wooden duck shelves… but they weren’t.   so, i gave up.

i’m sure they ended up in some deserving little girl’s garden play room, flanking the doorway of her own life size bunny hole (custom painted on the wall).. pink frilly curtains framing the picture window with satin bows at the corners.  a miniature dining room set with a distressed white paint finish and lavendar seat cushions.  the table beautifully set with tea and crumpets for each of her little friends, mrs. frog and lady elephant.  and of course, the chatter box miss squirrel even made an appearance.  those bunny rabbit brackets found their forever home….

creating this happy place didn’t make the situation any better… it only upset me more… i walked around aimlessly outside looking at all the furniture trying to spark an interest in a new project.  but i had bunnies on the brain!  everywhere i looked there was a stuffed bunny, or a wooden jointed bunny toy, or an easter bunny sweater… i had them in my hands and just let them go… so i did one last round in the “bric a brac” section.  and they still weren’t there…

and suddenly, out of nowhere i screamed at the top of my lungs, “whyyyyy?! it’s not fair!!”  i heard a gasp the next aisle over and the mother at the end of the aisle looked up with concern in her eyes and her jaw hanging open.  her little girl dropped the unicorn figurine in her hand and grabbed her mother’s leg, as i ripped through the shelves.  glass vases crashing to the floor and ceramic clowns shattering into tiny little pieces.  with one quick swipe, the contents of the middle shelf was deee-stroyed.  the momma grabbed her little duckling and quickly ushered her to the next aisle, and out of harm’s way.   i raced down the clothing aisle, screaming like a banshee, leaving a trail of mass destruction behind me.  weaving in and out of the racks, shirts flying, plaid wool skirts ripped from hangers… i flew out the door like a bat out of H-E-double hockey sticks.  i had lost it!!

okay, if my life was a movie, that totally would have happened…

the first part of the story (before i lost my ever-loving mind) actually happened…  my entire drive home was silent… i was distraught, saddened, angered, disappointed… i pulled into my driveway and there was a bunny rabbit hopping across my lawn {no lie}…  and i just chuckled.  at least i know exactly what i want to do in my dining room now… that’s one step forward… my trip to durham rescue mission wasn’t in vain.  and now,if you know me at all, you know that i won’t stop until i find the perfect unique, one-of-a-kind pair of brackets for my shelves!!

rabbit hunting, anyone?!?!?!  i think so! 🙂

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2 Responses to {thrift shop freak out}

  1. Super Dave says:

    Wow, awesome “tale” of bunny hunting. Just have nick get a small animal trap, catch two from the neighborhood, take them to a good taxidermist and wala……….(Dave)

  2. not sure that’s the exact look i’m going for… LOL!

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