{search for peter rabbit}

since i have started taking highway 70 home from work, i’ve developed a habit…

i just can’t fight the urge to swing on into the durham rescue mission

it’s open til 8:00!! are you kidding me?!

a thrift store {nay…. warehouse},open til 8:00 at night!!

if you were sitting next to me right now you would have heard me break out into frank sinatra:  heaven…i’m in heaven, and my heart beats so that i can hardly speeeeeeaakk!!!!

one day, i stopped in and found these wall brackets… handcarved…and they were rabbit heads… two of them…  they kind of looked like these:

i stood there and looked at them and thought, “what could i do with these?”  it was only $5 for both of them and the “bric a brac” section was 1/2 off that day!!  holy cow, i must i must i must!!

but i decided to let them go and not get them just in case i find something to do with them… i have a habit of getting creative items just in case i could use them for something… people {my mom especially} sometimes don’t get my “vision” until it’s actually executed… but this day, i decided that i didn’t need to spend the money and i put them back.  {oh, my heart aches as i relive that moment}

fast forward to today!!

i realized that i NEED those bunnies for a shelf in my dining room… i’ve been trying to figure out what to do on my big dining room wall for the past couple of months… i took down my birch tree paintings and i couldn’t figure out what i wanted to do… i’d hit a wall {no pun intended…or was it?}

and the worst part of it all:  i know what i want to do now and the rabbit brackets are probably long gone!!  after all, they were pretty darn spectacular… and i let them go!!
::hit forehead with hand—twice::

the one time i wish i wouldn’t have used restraint! {shucks!!}

i’m sure they’re probably gone, but i’m going to stop by durham rescue mission on my way home tomorrow… wish me luck!!

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One Response to {search for peter rabbit}

  1. frances jones says:

    aw.. i sure hope you can find them.. let us all know!! Good Luck!! 🙂

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