{tropical punch} beverage or baby room??

why not both?!  {nonalcoholic for the mommy-to-be, of course}

my first niece will be here in march 2012

{carsyn elizabeth jones}

and it just goes without saying

that aunt traci will paint the baby room

the baby bedding angela {my sister} chose was:

cocalo tropical punch

i really don’t like to post pictures of my murals before the entire room is complete but i’m just so excited, i can’t wait!

we need to get some curtains up, hang the canvases on ribbons, add some accessories, and get the glider
but for the most part, it’s done!

now we just have to wait for carsyn to get here!

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One Response to {tropical punch} beverage or baby room??

  1. smangy says:

    The baby room that you painted for your little niece turned out beautifully! I could not have imagined the finished product! I love how you incorporated the animals from the bedding into your very own design and that you personalized it to fit the space! The tiny details that dot the room truly make it a pleasure to walk into the room. I’m so pleased with the 3 canvases that you painted to give the wall above the changing table a little something extra too! You really went the extra mile to be sure that the room all came together so neatly! I sometimes sit in the glider and look around at all that you have done. The only thing more exciting than what I am doing now, is when I’m admiring your work in just a few short week with little Carsyn in my lap! :o) Thank you so much, from a very impressed and loving big sister ;o) ~Angela

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