{chicks dig tattoos and scars}

everything has happened so quickly in the past week, it’s hard to process it all…and i realize we really have so many people in our lives who love and support us…and i’m so grateful!

we all got up after 3ish hours of sleepy time to caravan to greenville for dad’s bypass surgery today…it’s been a whole lot of hurry-up-and-wait so far…dad just went into the OR, so now it’s in the hands of the good people at PCMH {aka: people care more here} and something bigger than wee little humans here on earth. and i’m reminded of the song “you gotta have faith.” (the george michael version, not the heavy metal screaming version of course.)

and i am really feeling so positive right now…and it’s because of all the “signs.” {insert my husband’s scoff at our gypsy sixth sense} i’m gettin some good vibes! maybe it’s all the prayers and positive energy being sent our way…maybe it’s something bigger than we could even imagine! (or maybe it’s the 5hour power i took at 4am this morning…whatever it is, i’m gonna keep riding this wave!)

the staff and nurses are great…they know my dad and care about him like he’s family…one went through his class here at the hospital and remembered him from years ago. he really made an impression. another has awesome skull/rhinestone glasses, retro pincurls, pearls, and awesome bedside manner…she’s cool-my kinda gal…dr. williams is great and very calming. we couldn’t have picked a better team to work on his heart ourselves.

while waiting for him to get prepped, we’re sittin here watchin “home improvement.” we watched this show as a family growing up. dad’s just like tim, and mom’s just like jill. dad’s always fixing something or building something. it just made me smile! i love this show! it’s so fitting for today…on this episode, tim explained to a cub scout that ‘it’s ok to be scared, but everything’s gonna be alright.’ so many memories from our childhood keep popping up. {cue warm fuzzy feeling}

and dad should recover in time to go on the world’s largest cruise ship, the allure of the sea, in december for his 60th birthday. once we get through this stage of our lives, i think it’s time for dad to finally get his navy dolphins tattoo…he can show it off this december with his scar in the caribbean..after all, chicks dig tattoos and scars! 😉

thank you so very much to everyone for your kind words and support! we are so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family! we’ll keep yall on the up-and-up! 🙂

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