{forgotten to-do list}

so i got distracted today

{{yeah, big surprise!!}}

…and i read one of my old posts: no clue

in one of my “woe is me” moments i listed all the dreadful things about my everyday battle as a court counselor (the terrible commute, the crappy computers, paperwork, and blah blah blah)… how depressing!

then i finished the post on a brighter note with a list of things that i planned to accomplish in “the next couple of months.”  {seriously, who was i kidding with that deadline?!}

unfortunately, i haven’t tackled all the projects on the list… out of sight…out of mind!  but i have finished some of my projects and some project that weren’t even on the list… and some i’ve decided are no-go’s anyway! so i think that counts for something!


1) sand and paint kitchen table — decide on finish first: espresso brown with distressing is my first thought  {umm… i tend to be very ambitious when it comes to home decor projects.  apparently i thought “sanding the extremely heavy dining room table, staining the butcher block top, and doing a distressed paint finish on the legs” was a quick job… NOT!}

2) purchase and paint 6 dining room chairs {easier said than done!  2 armchairs down–if you recall my king and queen postand i’m still on the hunt for the rest.  now i’m thinking a bench on one side and 2 side chairs}

3) paint buffet

4) hang curtains in the dining room  {i’ve actually decided to do roman shades now… still haven’t done that yet}

5) make cornice boards for the dining room and kitchen — first, save money for the expensive fabric that i’m absolutely in love with  {i don’t need cornice boards now since i’m doing roman shades. check!}

6) get blinds for the kitchen window because the sun is blinding– must be custom measurements because it’s such an odd size — first, save money to pay for ridiculously expensive blinds {i still can’t see when washing dishes}

7) finish patio project  DONE!!

8 ) garden — paint/make neat pots for plants

9) paint patio table and chairs because black doesn’t go with my design ideas

10) sand and paint bench glider for outside   DONE!

11) sand and paint shelving unit that nick’s grandfather built years ago, and his mother painted black with pink polka dots for her craft room {this is going to be another big project!  stripping the spray paint off of this thing is going to be tough!}

12) paint top 1/4 of bedroom walls with a lighter shade of the current “bayside” blue — consider painting the tray the same color 
{not sure that’s the direction i want to go in now}

13) install crown moulding in bedroom  {maybe a winter project!}

14) install chair rail in the bathroom  {ditto}

15) new light fixtures for the master and guest bathrooms

16) paint vertical stripes in the master bathroom
{not sure that’s the direction i want to go in now either}

17) finally paint the guest bathroom  {high priority!}

18) slipcover the terribly picked couch upstairs — idea: learn how to sew to save money

19) organize my art room  {this is a never-ending battle for me!}

20) finish the laundry room mural {ditto!}

21) finish painting for dining room

22) paint funky wallpaper on stair wall

23) sand and paint entry table — tile the top (find the perfect tile first)

24) plan an awesome superhero halloween party  {holla! 24 days to go!}

25) make lots of jewelry and find a store/restaurant/site to sell them  {riiiight… who has the time for that?!  not me right now!}

26) artSPARK chalk art in the summer — plan awesome design and recruit kristi to help with it again this year  {i completely let the artSPARK festival pass me by this year!  bummer!}

27) finally print all the photos i have of my murals and create a portfolio for future clients

11 out of 27
not too shabby for a forgotten to-do list!


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