{lemon custard and coronas}

recently i offered my zeal for party planning to a friend… it started as, i’d love to help decorate for your sister’s bridal shower! and quickly became, if she needs help with the wedding too let me know! and then nice to meet you, party planner extraordinnaire at your service!  {yes, i just tooted my own horn}

and there i was, standing in the ribbon aisle w/ kristi, doing math on the fly… i really thought i was better at math, but i’ve had a couple brain farts that make me feel like i need to do my multiplication flashcards again!

120 invitations with 6 inches of ribbon each… 10 yards per spool at $3.99 a piece with a 40% off coupon… how many spools do we need and how much is this going to cost?
wait… is it 120 headcount or 120 couples?  that changes everything!

the wedding colors: 
clover green and soft yellow
lemon lime
sierra mist
i swear, the light was yellow, officer!
toot toot!  green means go, buster!

you get the picture!!

and those two little guys hanging out in the picture above will be making an appearance during this wedding as well… decorating with fruit?? whaaaa??
oh yes… you heard me right!
love it!!

inspiration pics to help you visualize!


so i called up wes at ward’s produce
{i processed all the fruit-of-the-month invoices when i worked for the city}
and we can get a box of 165 lemons or limes for $31.75
opposed to $1 each for the fake ones!

i guess the happy couple will be enjoying lemon custard and coronas for many many months after the wedding!  and they can remember their special day all over again!

{disclaimer/foot note/warning/btw}
final pictures of the arrangements and project i’m doing for this wedding will not be posted until march 2012–i do not want to spoil the surprise of the big day… but i will be posting tutorials and snippets from time to time during the planning process!


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2 Responses to {lemon custard and coronas}

  1. frances jones says:

    you are so talented.. this is absolutely Gorgeous.. i love anything with lemons.. beautiful

  2. thanks frances! i’m already having so much fun with this wedding! can’t wait til the flowers arrive and we can start making centerpieces and flower kissing balls/pomaders! 🙂

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