crushed or cubed??

you may recall my post about the tiny lil kitchen

that thing was pretty stinkin’ cute, wasn’t it?!

well, i actually worked on a tiny lil kitchen a while back… a friend of mine has a beautiful little blonde-hair blue-eyed angel named avery… and her daddy {mike, the pilot} made her a custom kitchenette.  custom cabinet doors, a stainless sink, an oven and a refrigerator with french doors (fancy shmancy!). 

and of course…

every kitchen needs a breakfast bar to enjoy tea and crumpets!

what a lucky little lady!

avery’s mommy {who, by the way, sews everything imaginable} even made a cushion for avery’s doll’s highchair that matches the curtains in her play kitchen.  now that’s how you decorate a room, my friend!

now i know you are wondering what part i had in this tiny little kitchen… it sounds complete, right?!  well, the fridge needed something… and refrigerators without an icemaker are so 2000-and-late!  (just kidding…i really wanted to use that expression…it worked) so i painted an icemaker on avery’s fridge for her!

and some coils for her stove!

and viola!

a kitchen any little girl would love!!

and if you’re wondering if i staged the kitchen before i took the picture….

the answer is DUH!!  {aka: yes}

oh wait!!  what about little susie’s highchair?!

allie {mommy} found this highchair for cheap and painted it brown… look at the adorable little cushion! susie’s highchair absolutely MUST match now!!
{btw, i’m actually guessing that avery’s doll’s name is susie…it works}

so that’s the tiny little kitchen i worked on!

foot note:  hurry up and get here nephew/niece!!  😛

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