halloween is in the air!

i can feel it!

tonight is the first night that it actually feels like fall… unfortunately, seasons don’t last long in the triangle… so i’m going to enjoy this cool weather while it lasts! at least before it gets too cold to do anything outdoors…

but until then… the windows are open, i’m donning my favorite app state long sleeve t-shirt, and i’m preparing for this year’s 2nd annual halloween party!

we went ALL OUT last year for our halloween party and the entire bottom floor of our house was transformed into a haunted mansion!!

we can’t top that!! can we??????

if you know us, then you know we’re going to try!!

so this year we have decided the theme will be….

{drum roll}

Comic Book Heroes!!

so we decided on this theme because (1) nick is a huge comic book nerd so this party won’t cost a thing to decorate because all of nick’s comics and superhero paraphernalia are already cluttering up the garage (2) there are literally hundreds of comic book characters to choose from…not to mention aliases and guests can create their own superheroes (3) we really just want to distract people with a different halloween decor so they forget how spectacular last year was…and so we can do a haunted mansion again next year, and (4) our neighbor’s 10-year-old daughter was so terrified of the zombies and scary costumes last year that she wouldn’t even come out of her house.  {ooops!!! we don’t have kids yet so we forget to use our kid-filters sometimes!!}

we’re getting really excited about the party… and preparations have commenced… my dad has already asked what kind of special effects he can provide!

stay tuned for costume tutorials! (we will be attempting creating a muscle suit out of high density foam for nick’s costume…he will be the incredible hulk)  and i’m working on my poison ivy costume (hundreds of leaves sewn and glued to a dress)
and when i say “sewn” i mean attached using heat bond tape

43 days until the big event!

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