tiny lil kitchen…

so this post is a bit random…but i just had to share!

bloghopper: (noun) a person who reads one blog but lets her wandering mind jump to another blog via a photo or link… this person may sometimes jump from one blog to another…and another…and another… it’s a vicious cycle

{i really like to believe that i just coined this term…but i have a feeling that–given all the crafty women who have travelled the blogosphere before me–someone may have used this term already}

i cannot read just one blog…{the pringle theory has proved to be right once again} i have found so many blogs that inspire me and i’ve subscribed to them all… every morning when i wake up, i lay in bed and read my blog emails… and i seem to find myself jumping from one blog to another, finding new projects and inspiration with each leap… the underlined blue print just screams, “click me! the wonderful world of crafty projects awaits you!”

and if it weren’t for my complusive clicking, i wouldn’t have found my new blog/website obsession that goes by the name of curbly.com… and i wouldn’t have found the perfect little play kitchen for someone’s (anyone’s) special little lady.  if i had a little girl, she would have had this kitchen yesterday!!  and it almost made me want a little niece (coming soon to the family in march 2012) so i could make this for her… but then i realized that this project would have to wait a couple years at least so said niece could actually play with it… and then the moment passed.

so instead i decided to share this splendid DIY project and fun site with you!  because i know many people with little girls who would just LOVE their very own retro kitchen!  and maybe you can make her the tiny lil kitchen she dreams of!

(and the best part is: it was made out of an old piece of furniture!)

click on the pic to bloghop on over to the curbly community and read the post about how this little beauty was created!

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