happy as a clam!

another birthday has come and gone this year!  it has been a great birthday so far… the day before my birthday i found a rose, a pack of orange tictacs {my fav}, and some mango chapstick in my car when i left for work!

i don’t ask for much… and it’s the little things that i treasure the most!  that just made my day!

side note:  orange tictacs = olive branch in our household… works every time!  like every couple, my husband and i argue… we will never claim to be the perfect couple or claim to have things all figured out… we’re coming up on 4 years of marriage and we are still learning as we go!  but i do really love the fact that arguments fade fast with us… it’s hard to stay mad at the man who surprises me with orange tictacs and chapstick!  i’m such a cheap date!

a friend of mine, and coworker, advised me to take the day off next year…instead of coming to work on my birthday!  will do! i had a crazy day of fighting with house arrest equipment, searching for a restaurant that served lunch at 3pm, mounds of paperwork, and faulty computer systems… but i came back from a late lunch to my coworkers waiting for me with a birthday cake!  from one of my favorite bakeries!  how nice!

then came the chocolate coma

i finally made it out of the courthouse at a little after 6… rushed home and packed then headed to my parents’ house…

(after nick gave me my new vera bradley tote!!  yay!)

we had homemade ravioli, family, and another birthday cake waiting for us!  btw, my mom is a genius with a mixer and an oven! {amaretto flavor cake and almond buttercream…amazing!}

and then there were presents!  i wasn’t expecting that b/c mom and i had gone out shopping last week and she got me a new phone case for my birthday present.  my sister had texted me earlier and asked what i wanted for my birthday, but i never got back to her b/c the week was so crazy and i have a real hard time thinking of something i want…or asking for something i want!

she got me a table top “fire pit” equipped with alcohol gel. {it was recalled but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know not to add alcohol to a burning blue flame! duh!  recall or not, i love it!}

my mom got me some oil of olay total effects {because i’m getting old and oil of olay is like crack for my face–right, tyeshia?! LOL}

and then my dad brought out his gift!  he went to the antique shop down the street in rolesville and picked out something special for me!  it’s a work-in-progress, but it’s got potential!  what is it, you ask?  a brass pot (with a great patina) and a giant clam shell!

i know EVERYONE reading this is thinking, “whaaaa?!”

but we are thinking that this would be a great water feature for the garden… drill a hole, add some tubing and a water pump, some rocks, some greenery and maybe some bamboo!!  new project, yay!  {stay tuned for that one!}

then my dad said, “it was either this or a pair of wooden penquins.” and my eyes lit up again!  what can i do with a pair of wooden penguins?!  ok, one tacky-to-treasure project at a time, traci!

{this was a great birthday!  i’m happy as a clam!}








27 down, 73+ to go!

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