guilty pleasure

hello readers!  i don’t know about you but i have the i-really-dread-going-to-work-tomorrow-mopey-sunday blues…  i’m sitting here watching a nora roberts book-made-into-a-movie on lifetime…

and i am reminded of a writing assignment i had in college {over five years ago… ouch}

the assignment: write about your guilty pleasure… the one thing you cannot do without… the one thing that you enjoy in secrecy because you are too embarrassed to tell others…

reading fiction murder mystery novels


i started reading novels like crazy the summer before college… i could read a quarter of the book just standing in barnes&noble because i couldn’t tear myself away from the pages… i’d buy it and finish it in the same night… i went through about 10 novels in that summer… i’ve read several novels since then… but sadly, i have not picked up a novel in over a year… life happened… my job happened {silent scream}…and i just haven’t had time to sit down and read a book–or i’ve been so consumed in other projects that i just cannot rationalize reading a book when i could be doing something else… but it’s days like today that would be perfect for reading a book!!

and as luck would have it, lifetime saved this gloomy, rainy day with a book by one of my favorite authors!  and it’s a book that i’m pretty sure i’ve read… but i cannot remember how it ended… so it’s like reading it watching it for the first time! i’m at the edge of my seat trying to figure out who the killer is!! {i think it’s the sister!}

and then onto my second guilty pleasure… true blood with my neighbor!  {love that show!}

tell me…what’s your guilty pleasure???  {i promise i won’t tell anyone!}

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