fork on the left…

i remember “silver spoons” etiquette class like it was yesterday

{yes!  i went to etiquette class!! thank you very much!}

we learned how to set tables, sit in chairs like ladies, walk like ladies, and use proper language, among many other things that my sister and i thought were plain dumb… who cares if i scrape the fork against my teeth?  and so what if i cross my legs at the knee instead of the ankle?  we were not thrilled to attend this class… and we were somewhat strong-armed into attending… {ahem…mom!}

we were equipped with our “silver spoons” text books {i colored the pictures in my book} and we lasted until it was time to do a fashion show in the asheville mall… {ummm, no thank you!  talk about embarrassing! our friends may see us!}  so we dropped out…

but i still like to think that i’ve learned to mind my P’s and Q’s {parents and queen} with or without passing etiquette class…
fast forward to tonight:
i got back from greensboro and decided to take a trip to “everything but grannie’s panties,” a thrift shop that i LOVE!  unfortunately, they were closed (at 5 on a saturday, whaaaat?!) and the lady gave me a little lip too…

i returned home somewhat deflated and itching to expend some of my creative juices… not having a clue what to do, i just started loading the dishwasher… blah!

{one thing you ought to know is:  our dishwasher is the ONLY magnetic surface in our kitchen and it drives me nuts because my notepads fall off the door every time i open it… annoying!}

i’d had enough!!

so i decided that my pantry door could be another magnetic surface in my kitchen if only i had magnetic paint.  {no magnetic paint….scratch that idea}

oh wait!  i have a sterling silver platter that came with a silver tea set as a wedding gift!  i’m not drinking tea out of it, so i might as well find a use for it!

and this is what i came up with:

and if you’re wondering…i painted the knife and fork on the walls tonight too because they just looked bare…

fork on the left… knife on the right
{i learned that in “silver spoons”}

yay for random mural projects!
now to finish the laundry room!!
maybe later….

good night!

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