first annual clarke luau!!

oh, what a grand occasion!!

first of all, i absolutely must thank: my family for all the hard work they did to help make this party spectacular, my husband who worked so hard and tolerated {for the most part} my woe-is-me moments and mental breakdowns, and all my friends who came out to enjoy the party (and who were thinking of me the morning-of when the skies opened up and dumped rain on my parade!).  i swear my ears were burning all morning, and thankfully all the prayers and positive thinking willed away the storms!

the party was a hit and we had a BLAST!

{and the sun was even shining inside as well!!}


and the volcano was the main event!! this was my dad’s baby… it was the 3rd volcano he has constructed in his lifetime… he came over the day before and we spent all day making that volcano!  and it was worth all the hard work!  we made the palms trees out of pool noodles and garden edging, nick moved all of those rocks up the hill for the water’s edge, and dad even rigged up the fog machine to look like smoke!!  it was grand!!  my dad truly has a beautiful mind {he’s not crazy though like russell crowe in the movie!!} and it’s amazing to watch him work!!

{check out the unidentified flying objects in the air behind me!!}

 we had such a great time!!  and we had a great turn out… at one point there were 20+ people in our backyard!  unfortunately, being the hostess and answering the door and giving tours of the house, i didn’t take many pictures during the party…

{i need to make friends with a professional photographer who will snap photos at our parties!  any takers??  LOL}

and now that everything from the luau has been broken down and packed away, our minds are already racing with ideas for the 2nd annual clarke halloween party! yes, you heard correctly! we ARE going to have a halloween party this year after all!!
{it’s back on the calendar by popular demand!!}

we love to throw parties!!  can you tell?!?!

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