hittin’ the bottle…

first of all, let me start by saying:  WE’RE DONE!!

the patio has been a long, drawn out, process that caused a couple mental breakdowns and lots of bickering at times and i’m so happy to say that we are finally done with it! {setting a date for the luau really kicked our butts into gear!} 

all we had was a 10′ X 10′ slab of concrete in the back and no grass {well, we still have no grass because this summer has been especially brutal}… 

but now the brick patio extension is finished (as you probably recall from operation patio perfection post);  i spruced up my awesome $10 find for a bright, fun new coffee table  for outside; and what better to liven up this space than with some zebra stripes?!  …some plants and cool garden accessories and SEVERAL glass bottles later, and we had an absolute oasis just outside our back door!

a majority of our backyard was either:  salvaged from the dump, bought used, found on craigslist, or dug out of the ground… we are bargain hunters all day, every day!  some things were just cheaper to buy new, but we were able to recycle a lot for this project… our house is a certified green home… so why not make the back yard as mother-earth-friendly as possible?!

so without any further ado, here is our backyard!!

my dad saw the bottle edging and said, “you guys have been hittin’ the bottle, huh?”
i thought that was so funny {hence the name of the post!}
by the way, the answer is NO… we got these at the bottle dump… a hidden treasure in rolesville in the woods near my parents’ house… so many vintage bottles ripe for the picking!!


so glad we finally found the perfect home for st. francis!!
{nick calls him “the monk” and he was deadset on getting him}
so glad i listened to him!

yay!! my hen-and-chicks finally moved from their pots into the ground!
and they found a perfect spot next to the great stone fish my parents got me!

i truly love my backyard… we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this space, and i’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!!  i drink coffee out there in the mornings now {i used to avoid my backyard like the plague!}, we had an amazing luau back there {pictures coming real soon!}, and it’s just so wonderful to just sit and relax out there after a long day of work!

finished backyard = my happy place!

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