once upon a coffee table

every living space needs a coffee table

i truly enjoy hunting for the perfect piece
and when i find it, i know immediately!!
my husband sometimes hesitates, 
then he says, “okay… if that’s what you want.” 
yes dear, see if it fits in the trunk!

our back patio absolutely needs a coffee table
something to bring it all together
so i searched high and low, far and wide,
up and down, left and right.

then we stopped by the habitat for humanity restore
and there it was, we needn’t search anymore!
oh, what luck!  it’s only ten bucks!

there was an old lady lurking around my find
i snatched up the tag and claimed it
“back off grandma… this one is mine!”

a bucket of bayside blue from the garage
and some leftover trim white…
mix them together
and it’s love at first-and-second sight!

{now wouldn’t you agree?!?!}

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One Response to once upon a coffee table

  1. Eva M says:

    Nice Traci!!!

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