i am my mother’s daughter…

surprise surprise surprise!!

i can keep a secret… my friends know that if they need to get something off their chest but don’t want anyone else to know, they tell me… i take things to the grave… but when it comes to gifts… i’m so weak!

i put a lot of thought into gifts… and sometimes i get them early… but the problem is: i get just so excited about the gifts that i end up giving them to people early!

{and of course, my husband wants me to add that i am a “surprise crasher” as well… i cannot be surprised EVER because i ask so many questions that i figure it out… and i ruin the surprise… or i beg to open my gifts early!! yes, i admit it! my patience in that area is nonexistent!}

and i know exactly where i get it……… my mom!!  she is notorious for buying herself things when her birthday is 2 weeks away… or buying christmas presents in august and only lasting a couple days!

this week my parents went to asheville for the hospital engineers convention… and they did a little shopping while there… when they stopped by the house on their way home, my mom gave me an early christmas present… and it was this gorgeous pottery coffee mug!

and the fact that it was wrapped in purple leopard print tissue paper was definitely not lost on me!

i am starting to collect coffe mugs… so this is perfect!  i love it! thanks mom for not being able to make it 4 more months! love you! 🙂

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