yipes! stripes! fruit stripe gum……

…was my inspiration!

{i had no clue fruit stripe gum has been around that long?! i think i want to paint this!}

ugh…. i digress!!  get back to your story, traci!!

so we are working hard to get our backyard ready for our luau!!  nick has been getting a great tan because he’s been outside working in the yard… i’m so lucky to have such a hardworking husband!  he really has done a lot on his 7-day break! i wish i had 7-straight-days off every month! {insert woe-is-me pout here}

one of the projects i’ve been working on is an outdoor rug… but they are so expensive!!  so i found a 9×12 roll of astroturf for $20 and cut it down to the perfect size… astroturf?!  i know exactly what you are thinking….. ummm… tacky!!  {sticks and stones, people!}  i like to consider it tacky chic, thank you very much

so the green astroturf looked a bit plain… and borderline tacky… yes, i agree… but astroturf is the new thing!  didn’t you know that?!

so i pondered several different stenicl options… words… numbers… damask… scroll… and then it hit me!!  ….zebra stripes!

and there you have it!!  a lime green zebra print rug! 
{hey, it could happen! where do you think they got the idea for fruit stripe gum?!}

i’m super excited to have finally finished this project!  we’re working on another backyard project including recycled glass bottles we got at “the bottle dump” as we call it!  fun fun!

the luau is a week away so we’ve got a lot to get done! 
stay tuned for more project updates and fab pics! 

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2 Responses to yipes! stripes! fruit stripe gum……

  1. Eva M. says:

    That is actually pretty nifty Traci. ^_^ I’m looking forward to seeing the whole picture put together.

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