my current obsession…

recycled glass bottles and jute twine!

so this month has basically been dedicated to luau party decorations… our downstairs is an absolute train wreck!  it looks like my fruit stripe zebra vomited all over my dining room! 
this party is on a budget, so i decided to use some old glass bottles and vases i had lying around the house {i knew i would need that giant blue wine bottle for something!}  i guess you could call me a “hippy”… i don’t wear sandals with socks or burlap dresses… and my hair isn’t long and braided with flowers and ribbons… i’m not a flower child hippy… but i’m a low-budget-refurbishing-what-can-i-use-this-for kinda hippy!  {ain’t no shame in my game!} 
not to mention, i’m giving mother earth a giant bear hug with all my trash-to-treasure projects… if i do say so myself!

i picked up some rolls of jute twine {for 99cents} and wrapped my glass bottles and vases with it!  i stuffed some dollar tree silk flowers {4 dollars total} into them… added some shells and umbrella toothpicks to them and…
low-cost-high-impact hawaiian party decorations!


more glass bottle projects to come!

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