operation patio perfection!

we have finally finished our patio!!  a long time ago i decided that i wanted antique brick for our patio extension… so i hopped on craigslist and found almost 700 bricks for $100. score!!  so i made the deal and sent my hubby to pick them up!
he’s the brawns of this operation!

i must start this by saying that my dad is a genius at just about everything…so we picked his brain on just how to do this patio thing. we couldn’t have done this without my parents… they were the ones pushing us to get it finished too!

first, we dug…..alot! {and when i say “we” i mean “my big strong husband” by the way}
and just so you know, i tried to help dig but “my puny human muscles” (as nick calls them) couldn’t even get the shovel into the ground!  our house might as well have been built on top of a giant rock!  i’m so gratefull i have such a strong hubby!

we got busy with other projects…and life in general…that the patio remained a huge hole in our back yard for quite a while… i even avoided going out back because it was such an eye sore!

then the rain came…
and it kept coming!
every other day it rained!! sometimes a couple days in a row!  as soon as “the pond” dried up, here comes another thunderstorm! several times i just looked up at the sky and screamed, “seriously?!  another storm?!  real funny!!”

so nick dug some giant holes in our yard and a trench to drain all the water out of “the pond.”  {and it really was a pond…complete w/ about a thousand tadpoles!  they came to an abrupt end when the water ran out…. sorry kermit babies!}

then one afternoon my dad randomly offered to come over and help with framing out the patio… we graciously accepted!  while the boys were out playing in the dirt, mom and i stayed inside and chatted…and made dinner. {we set up a makeshift tent to block some of the sun…our yard gets every bit of the afternoon sun…and it was smoldering that day!}

a couple weeks later, we decided to go ahead and pour the sand and get started on the brick laying… then we realized we didn’t have enough sand… so mom and i went to home depot and picked up 40 more bags of sand… yep! that’s a ton of sand!  {mom and i rock!}
the first brick!
and we were knocking it out…
then nick went to work… and mom and dad went home… and i kept laying brick {weather bug kept chirping at me, “there’s a thunderstorm coming…you better work faster!”… so i kept working through the night}
look at those puppy prints in my fresh sand! i had to keep smoothing out the sand because i’d turn around and jake would be laying in my sand… silly mutt!

i worked until 9:30 that night… until i couldn’t see straight and my fingers wouldn’t grip the hammer-thingy-ma-bob anymore… i was determined to finish it, but “my puny human muscles” couldn’t take anymore abuse… so i threw in the towel….or the hammer… whatever
the next day (monday…what was i thinking?!) i was in so much pain… but it was worth it!  that night we finished the patio!
and we made sure that the last brick we laid was the  excel finishing brick from our asheville trip.
{check out “slapp happy father’s day weekend” if you don’t understand the meaning behind the excel finishing brick}

–all that is left is sprinkling in some quickcrete and hosing it down–
next step:  PATIO PARTY!!
{operation brainstorm patio party has commenced!}

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One Response to operation patio perfection!

  1. Deb says:

    Good morning Traci, Momma Deb here in “good ‘ole Oklahoma; Please give Nick a hug & kiss from us)
    Our weather is BREAKING today and since we will be closing on our “farm” on Tuesday it will be sooooooo much cooler to move things….(ya know what I mean)
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and grinning at your style of writing 🙂 Its funny that I think alot like you and too am artistic and am thinking ALLLLLL the time of what I can do to create something out of nothing (re-use, recycle….) Our husbands are soooooo alike; I love to brag on my “Super-Dave” or “Davey Boy” or “Dave the Wave”….we love our nicknames….(ha ha “Nick-names”); I am a writer too, I have many imaginary books I must write!! I already have a few titles. I used to journal everyday several years back until both my hands became unusable with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    Last summer I had surgery on my right hand and NOW I am able to use both quite well. Due to the Fibromyalgia and arthritis, there are still limitations, but, the drive to create has never ended. I used to make wreaths and was very good at finding bargains to create with.

    I have collected ‘things for years to design many projects. Collecting is what I do best I think. When we get into our new “casa” I will be able to use so many of the “things” I’ve stored to create a “one-of-a-kind” room. So excited! You are gifted.I admire your drive to do what needs to be done.
    When I was younger (and more flexable) I could do so much more. Moving this time will be very difficult since I want to help with everything but just am not able. We need you and Nick’s muscles (yes, even your “puny human muscles.” Dave has been disabled with this injury in his neck. It has affected his arms and hands so much and is very painful. His surgery (whenever) will help him finally be out of extreme pain. He is a giant in my eyes and I love him dearly! We are the most blessed women on earth ( although I know there are many others, like your Dad…). Nick is the sweetest person and he’s my son! He makes me feel like I can do anything and has shown me so much respect and love. He knows I love his father and will do anything for him. He compliments (something done to show respect or honor) us on how we have set a good example for him and his relationship with you. To hear your child say these powerful words gives more joy than anyone can imagine. I could die now and say, “thank you God, my work is done; I’ve shown my love and it has been proven in my husband, children and grandchildren for they know they are loved with the deepest love.” We miss you both so much and look forward to when we can be together again.

    Much love to you “dear daughter”,
    Momma Deb

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