belly up to the bar…

a friend of mine sent me a pix message recently with the caption, “can you do something like this?”  sure, i can!

this was a present for her husband because he had recently become interested in brewing his own beer… and if you knew tommy, you would say, ‘that sounds like something tommy would do.’ he definitely 1up’s me when it comes to his knowledge of random trivia…
{but i watch jeopardy religiously and do my crosswords daily…so i’m getting there!}

so i gave her some suggestions on design and she just said, “you’re the artist, i trust you.”   carla and i are kindred spirits, ya see… we finish each others’ sentences and sometimes go off on random tangents that no one else truly gets {pretty bird!}  carla is always sending me newspaper clippings and craigslist ads for mural jobs or art teacher jobs that she finds…  and her daughter’s fairy room was my first wall mural!

so without further adieu, here is what i came up with for tommy’s brewery:

carla said he loved it!  

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