2 italians, a hawaiian, and a seal….

{{that sounds like the beginning of a great joke}}

i just completed my “hawaiian island bar” mural today.  i kept staring at my work and taking pictures after i finished… i didn’t want to leave! there are going to be some good times at that bar!

now, i know you are wondering about the title!

if you’ve been following my blog, you probably understand it a little better than most.  but i shall clarify… my clients are the hawaiian and the seal… noel is a retired navy seal and heidi is a hawaiian. {now it makes sense!}  who are the italians, you ask??  why, they are the 2 italian mastiffs that kept me company throughout my mural.
love those dogs!!

now let’s get to the main event, shall we?!

this mural was two maple bar tops… one painted with a map of the hawaiian islands and the other with some underwater sea life…



i have never painted a map before… this was a lot of fun!  i was a bit paranoid though. i made a mistake in my sketch… my dad noticed that i named two islands “kauai.” so i was afraid i’d put the wrong names on the islands this time too… so i quadruple checked the island names before actually painting them.

the rolled map effect and the water was a new technique for me… i dipped my brush in water and painted it like water colors… it gave it great transparency!


{{i always feel like photos of my murals don’t do them justice… the colors are different and it’s difficult to visualize the scale of the mural… but obviously i can’t take you all through a tour of my murals… so this will have to do!!}}

i really enjoyed painting this mural… noel actually mentioned having me come back at a later date to paint an ocean scene on one of the walls in this room… he described it as “the scene on the corona commercials.” {yay! more time with the italians!}

at the end of the day while i was wrapping up my mural work, heidi called down and asked if i wanted some dinner… and then noel  called down and asked if i wanted a beer… LOL!!  they’re great!!

{{i did not partake…if you were wondering}}

i actually forgot my stool at their house, so when i went back to get it i took some paint and did some touch ups on the aquarium bar… it needed something… noel had already lacquered the island bar and it looked amazing!

much appreciation to google for sending the seal and the hawaiian my way! 

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One Response to 2 italians, a hawaiian, and a seal….

  1. Angela Jones says:

    Traci, your work is great! You make me a proud sista ;o) Can’t wait for you to paint a mural for us…hehe ;o) You’re very talented!

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