king and queen

today has been pretty spectacular… if you know me, then you know i have been on the hunt for dining room chairs… not all the same… not all too different either… i found one arm chair a couple weeks back… and i’ve been searching for another… still considering doing 2 side chairs and a bench instead of finding 4 side chairs that are all similar, but not the same…

here is the first arm chair i found:
and today, i decided to stop by durham rescue mission on my way home from work… and how spectacular that i did!

because i found this:
it was $25, i got it for $10… thanks to my new friend, verdell!

{they’re a little rough, but they’ ve got good bones!}

{ooh la la… nice legs!}

now i know what you’re thinking…. are you nuts?! those don’t look alike!  true, but they are close enough… they don’t have to be matchy matchy!! after all, my friends, the king and queen wear different hats!

and if you know me, then you know me well enough to know that these two chairs won’t remain in their current state… i have big plans for the king and queen!!

{{aren’t they just a handsome pair?!}}

now i understand that not everyone sees the world through my eyes… but i’ve got a vision… and once i start, good luck stopping me now!  so here’s a little taste of what i have planned for the mister and misses:

stay tuned for the main course!!
{coming sometime in july or august…when i have time to give the newlyweds the proper facelift they deserve}

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3 Responses to king and queen

  1. Frances Jones says:

    Great Job!!!

  2. Marcey says:

    yaaaah traci! these are going to be great 🙂

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