slap happy father’s day weekend…

shout out to all the wonderful dads in the world!  {i know it’s a day late, but this weekend was packed full for us…better late than never!}

this weekend my husband and i went to asheville for a friend’s wedding… i feel like the weekend was a review of my childhood… and i thought of my dad throughout the trip. i have so many good memories in asheville…and many {if not just about all of them} included something my dad said, did, made/built, or kept near and dear to his heart.

1. the home my dad built he didn’t actually build it, per se, but he helped design it…and we always hated going to “the lot” when we were kids… but i realize how important those trips were now that we’ve built a house of our own… he (and mom) picked out the wrought iron inlays for the concrete, he built the pond and waterfall (rock by rock), he kept the yard looking amazing, and he did so much more {too much for words actually}.  i kept telling my husband,”my dad would never let the hill get so overgrown” or “my dad made that” or “my dad used to…” there are so many things about that house that just screams “DAD.”

2. where i learned to drive a car:  in the empty parking lot of reynolds high school.  my dad was always so calm in the passenger seat…even if i made a mistake.  side note: on my wedding day, while dancing with my dad, he reminded me of a mistake i made while driving on my learner’s permit… it made me laugh, and cry!  he’s a good secret keeper! {but i guess the cat may be out of the bag if mom reads this….oops!}

3.  “helen’s bridge” which was supposedly haunted… we never found the bridge during this trip, but while we drove through the mountains i told stories of how we would pile into the expedition and drive up to the creepy spot… dad would turn off the car and lights, and then suddenly the doors would lock and unlock on their own!! {or so we thought…it was dad all along} it was scary, but it was a great time!

4.  and i reminded natalie {married woman now} about the time we were practicing for a cheerleading tournament, and she went up to my dad and said, “why do you always wear a hat?” she pulled his hat off and said, “oh, it’s because you’re bald!”  my dad always called her “smurf.”  {her last name was murphy}  my dad won’t let her live that one down!

5. excel finishing inc:  the textile business my dad built with his business partner… i have so many memories at that plant… fishing on the pond, vending machine sandwiches and orange soda, playing “office space” with my sister {she was always the boss, go figure!}, the gourds growing up the fence, trying to get close enough to the cows to feed them, bubba the giant catfish, play-dough fight in jeat’s office when he was supposed to be babysitting us, riding on the fork lift….and so many more!  the place was run down but i we got some great pictures…. and i snagged a big river rock from the road to give to my dad when we got back into town.  you should know that my dad is very sentimental…he doesn’t want fancy presents, it’s the memories that mean more to him…and i’m so glad i was able to bring back a piece of excel finishing for father’s day! {i snagged a brick too, and i’m going to incorporate it into our brick patio….whenever we finish it!}

the warehouse hadn't been used in over 10 years... it was so grown over and run down... but the memories were still very much alive!!

i could go on and on about how wonderful my dad is… but i think you get the picture!  our weekend was very busy, and exhausting, and by the time we got home i was slap happy drunk on all the memories from my childhood!

{{this post is dedicated to my pops!  happy father’s day!  love you! }}

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