hawaii five oh!

i  received an email about a mural recently… turns out my new client googled muralists in the durham area, and there i was, jumping up and down screaming, “pick me! pick me!”

{{shout out to google!!}}

this family is just great!  dad is cool, mom is sweet, little jack is adorable, and their two italian mastiffs are absolutely slobbericious!!  they are renovating their downstairs family room {slowly but surely} and they have decided on an old world, world traveller (before and after please, alex!)  feel for the space… and rightfully so! they are both decorated veterans and have travelled to faraway places some only dream of!

there are two bar tops in this space…and they’ve creatively decided to have the islands of hawaii on one bar and an underwater seascape on the other. love!

so i turned on the coupe de creativity and started my journey to hawaii (soooo glad i just bought a new bathing suit!)

{{yes, that’s the globe i got from durham rescue mission for $7… and yes, that’s sweet tea in a wine glass… makes me feel sophisticated}}

this is the inspiration map the client had:

the inspiration for the trip

and this is my sketch for the client:
(it’s in colored pencil and scanned, so it will look much better once it’s painted…i promise!)

i’m still working on the aquarium bar…my client mentioned that he loved the bar top at the barracuda lounge in apex, nc… i’ve never been there… so it looks like it’s time for a road trip to check out a bar and to get some good seafood! i won’t say ‘no’ to that!

stay tuned for more on my hawaii trip!

p.s. spellcheck didn’t like my new word ‘slobbericious’


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