flea market glider!!

my husband and i went to the raleigh flea market for the first time a while back… and we found this great old porch glider. (the metal needed a new paint job badly, and the wood slats were dull and worn)  we paid $55 for it, and frankly, that was still a little high for me!  {i’m not cheap, i’m thrifty! thank you very much!}

we have gone back and forth on the color… and it’s been sitting in the garage just waiting for us to make a decision.  then, the sky opened up and we heard angels sing!  we found some great mid-century modern style chairs at lowe’s and finally decided on a color! 
 {actually the color is “dreamy caramel” which makes me crave an ice cream sundae}

we found some real mid-century modern metal chairs at an antique shop, but the owner wanted $50 for them (each!) and they were rusted and needed sanding and painting too…

my husband took this picture of the rusted chairs, and i just love it!
i think i may frame it or paint it or something!

we decided to go with the cheaper/newer version for the patio!
{coming soon to the clarke house}

…and here is our finished glider project!!  i’m so happy that we spent a total of approx. $80 on this project and the matching glider for the yellow chairs at lowe’s is $125!
 great find!

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  1. Who noticed the 2 pink flamingos in the flower bed?! Btw, stay tuned b/c I have big plans for those guys!! 😉

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