letter to mom…

so a coworker of mine requested my services recently… she came into my office and gave me a torn out piece of notebook paper with words scribbled on it and asked me to do something with it.  {insert confused pause here}  then she said she wanted some type of matted letter/artwork of the words on the paper. {okay, now i get it!!!}  

Dear Mom,
When I cried, you wiped my tears
When I laughed, you laughed with me
And when I was cold
You put your loving arms around me
When I smiled, you smiled back
When I was hungry, you fed me before yourself
When I was down, you gave me your all
And when I asked
Who would always be there for me
You said “ME”
I’ll always love you


so i got to playing with different fonts… {i downloaded some great fonts too!!}  and this is what i came up with:


i matted it myself and put it on a backer board… and i realized that i need a separate table in my artroom just for my matt cutter… it’s extremely difficult to do it on the floor {profane language bounced off the walls a couple times… eeek!}

i brought it into work for her today, and she’s been walking around the office showing everyone, like a giddy little school girl who just got a gumball ring from the boy she likes in her math class… i’m so glad she likes it (“customer” satisfaction… i love that part!) and i hope her grandmother likes it too!!

simple yet so meaningful

if you don’t have fun fonts and have no clue how to get them…
i’ll be adding a tutorial to the blog very soon!!

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