rainy day baby surprise!

rainy weather has kept me cooped up in the house!
***cabin fever***

our friends next door recently had a baby girl and i decided to make good use of my inside time.  becky {new mommy} had bought some canvases to so some artwork of her own for the nursery, but i guess preparing to be a new mommy and working crazy shifts almost up until the due date got in the way… and time just got away from her!  she dropped off the canvases with nick one day and told him that she was sure i could find a good use for them.  well i  did….

i’ve been inspired by {jonesdesigncompany} lately and she recently posted a framed monogram for a baby room.  it had a fabric background and a letter cut out centered with a date underneath. simple, yet so adorable!  so i dug through my art room and created my own version………..

i had several pages from the book alfie lying around. {i had intended to use the pages for a wreath but never got around to it} …so i decided to use them for sadie anne’s artwork.  (disclaimer: i bought the book at the dollar store for craft purposes only), but i’m pretty sure he was quite the lady’s man/womanizer.  not necessarily appropriate for a little girl’s room, but luckily, none of the actual text is readable…

so first i covered the canvas w/ the torn pages using craft glue.  then coated the pages with glue again and laid a crumpled piece of white tissue paper over it.  it gave it an awesome texture!

then i remembered that i had a book called “paper cuts” with different paper crafts in it. and i found the perfect little design…(btw, sadie’s baby room has butterflies in it).  and i just started painting…and striping.  {the colors in the nursery are deep purple and a sea foam/turquoise}  so i created a frame with the purple and used a wet brush to smear the color

i stenciled an “S” in the middle and painted her birthdate underneath.  i pulled the metal label frame off an empty keepsake box in my art room and hot glued it to the canvas. and voila!

it seemed a bit lonely so i painted another little canvas complete with painted butterflies and cut-out letters. 

***rainy day baby surprise for lil miss sadie bug!***

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