paint spills…

ok, so today i had planned to do a lot of sanding/painting projects outside but the sky opened up… and it’s raining cats and dogs!

so i decided to go upstairs and clean/organize my art room… once the floor was finally clear, i saw the dark green paint stain on my carpet that has been driving me nuts for the past 6+ months… i’ve been looking for rugs to cover it, and moving furniture to cover it…
{this was a paint spill that i didn’t even attempt to clean up when it happened b/c i was afraid it would smear and spread… so i left it, thinking i could just snip off the top of the carpet pile. well, it was too deep to do that… so i left it again}

then i was organizing a box of my paintbrush cleaners (yes, i have several)… and i decided to try them out on my huge glob of green paint.  what did i have to lose?!  

so there are two products i used… the original kiss off stain remover stick and powdered hand cleaner w/ volcanic pumice…  they worked wonders!!!  i took pictures of the process and even looked for more paint stains to clean up… and it worked, of course!  {i almost wanted to spill more paint just to clean it up}

so, here’s what i did… (1) dabbed the stain with the kiss-off stick, (2) wet a towel and scrubbed a little, (3) sprinkled on some volcanic pumice powder, (4) wet the stain again, (5) scrubbed a little more then patted it with a dry paper towel, (6) and voila!!  stain out!!
(NOTE:  i cleaned up the big green paint stain, and then realized how awesome my cleaners were, so the following pictures are of me cleaining other stains… but the results were all the same!)

each stain i applied my stain removers to turned out like this:

i’m so happy about this discovery!  to all my artist friends who have paint spills that you thought would never come out, fret no more!! and i’m sure it will take out any stain you throw at it!!
hope you enjoyed!!

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