first of all, this post is not about ‘american idol’ winners…just sayin

today, i’m off work (yay!)… i stayed up until 1am because i was trying to stay up with nick while he reset for night shift… i couldn’t do his job!  i woke up at 9:30 this morning.  it was so nice to sleep in! 

i’ve enjoyed my morning so far… jake has been preoccupied with his pursuit for sweet justice on the buzzing fly around his head… he absolutely hates buzzing insects… and that fly is owning him right now. LOL!

i sat down on the couch and rachael ray was on tv {not typically a fan of rachael ray, but i watched anyway}… she had joan rivers and her daughter on the show this morning.  and i just cracked up the whole time because joan is hilarious!  i hope when i am her age, i am as vibrant as she is!  love it!  and i started thinking about the women who have made a difference in my life, or who i idolize.  so i’ve decided to make today’s post about the women who have influenced my life.

my grandmother, norma lee doty.  she was so intelligent and constantly wanting to learn more.  she kept her “doty nose” in a book and never missed an airing of jeopardy.  i’m absolutely convinced that my grandma could have schooled ken jennings on jeopardy in her day.  she said what was on her mind…she definitely didn’t hold anything back! {i remember one visit where she looked at my dad and lovingly said, “well, you’ve gotten fat.” haha! no sugar coating the truth!}  she did her crosswords religiously and she was the one who taught me how to draw my first person.  she was always supportive of all my dreams, no matter what they were.  i miss her so much.

my mom, ann marie doty when i was younger, i never realized how hard she worked.  looking back on our childhood, our home {wherever we were} was always so immaculate.  everything had it’s place, floors were always clean (despite the many kids running in and out and winston trailing behind), laundry was always done and folded perfectly, dinner was on the table every night, we were always involved in extra-curricular activities, and we spent quality time together as a family (we had fun together!).  we’ve gone through a lot of hard times as a family, but looking back, we made it through those times because my mom was always strong and looking out for the well-being of our entire family.  she supported my dad in everything he did.  a lot of people claim that their parents are the best parents in the world, but i truly believe that mine are. be completely honest, i thought i was going to sit here and list several women who were influential in my life and made me the person i am today… but i can’t think of anyone who can compare to my mom and grandma… so i’ll leave it at that!

with all that being said, i feel that sitting on the couch watching “the view” and posting a blog is not a very productive use of my time off today… so i’m going to (1) sand down my entry table and paint it, (2) vacuum and mop my hardwood floors, (3) take jake for a walk, (4) start sanding the drawers of my “craft cabinet,” and (5) do some laundry. 

{that should keep me busy for the day!!}

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