just the other morning, i was feeling rather “wifey.” it was a rare morning when my husband and i were awake at the same time (he was off work).  and i decided to make breakfast.  we’ve been trying to do a lot better about cooking what’s in the fridge/freezer/pantry before going out to eat… we’d gotten into a pretty bad habit of eating out lately.  With our work schedules, it’s difficult to plan meals…especially when I’m at work when he’s at home…and vice versa!

i grew up with Sunday breakfast… it’s something that i can look back on and smile… animal pancakes, perfect eggs-to-order, toast, waffles, homemade corned beef hash, omelets, fresh squeezed orange juice, {actually i think it was from a can…but it tasted just as good because my mom made it with love!} and warm syrup! my dad was the breakfast chef in our home…i learned from the best!

so i made my husband some eggs in the frying pan… he doesn’t like a runny yoke… i think the texture bothers him… or it could be the thought that he’s eating a baby chicken… haha!  so i made eggs-over-hard… he wasn’t down for even eggs-over-medium either! so i broke the yoke while frying the egg…… and he loved it!!

after i lovingly prepared my husband’s breakfast… i decided to make myself eggs-in-a-frame…  my mom bought my sister and i a cookbook for kids… it had all kinds of neat recipes that were easy enough for kids to tackle… {it even had an edible play dough recipe! surely it was made edible just in case it was ingested by youngens…but of course, we made it so we could taste it…………….yuck!} when i sat down to eat my eggs-in-a-frame, my husband was eyeing my plate wishing he’d ordered what i had ordered!! …i was surprised he had never had eggs-in-a-frame.  but he said he was never taught how to cook as a child and he learned on his own…  learning how to cook and trying out recipes always brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood. but i guess for boys it’s different.

but i began to wonder if everyone had learned how to cook as kids,, like we had… or if a recipe as simple and fun as eggs-in-a-frame is something that is a new concept… so i’ve decided to walk you through eggs-in-a-frame if you’ve never made them before!

what you will need

**note:  the wine glass is not for an early morning drink! and i always have 2 spatulas available, in case i need a little more support for my flipping! please excuse my picnic style salt-and-pepper… my cute porcelain bird shakers didn’t make it in the move!

use the wine glass (or any glass) to cut out a hole in the middle of the bread, then butter all sides of the bread

next, turn the heat on your stove… i used medium heat, spray your pan lightly with non-stick cookspray, and drop the bread into the pan…
listen to it sizzle!! mmmm…

 now, crack your egg and drop it in the middle! sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top, let it cook and flip it! {don’t drop eggshell in your frame! eeek! i hate it when i do that!}

let it cook some more…throw in your bread cut-out for dipping!  serve….

…and have a dipping good time!

{{btw, that’s not wine… it’s pink lemonade!!}}

**if you made it to the bottom of this post, i hope you enjoyed my “eggs-in-a-frame how to”… it’s a great recipe to teach kids!  …and i assume everyone already knows how to do it, but if you didn’t…….. now you do!!  i wish i could find that old cookbook!  maybe my mom has it somewhere in their garage… i’ll let you know if i find it!

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