this is my first of many blog posts on “the gypsy pursuit.”  many people are probably wondering why i chose this name for my blog… well, let’s count the reasons:

number one:  my great great great great (yes, that’s 4 great’s) grandmother was a gypsy, plain and simple… she travelled in a gypsy caravan in england and sold handmade pins for clothes and read tea leaves… my grandmother believes that’s where we get our “wonderlust and clairvoyance”

#2: the word ‘gypsy’ is commonly used as a reference to lifestyle or fashion… gypsies are pioneers… they live off the land and make a living selling handmade wares and trafficking metal… and they are hard workers… they are collectors… collectors of souvenirs and trinkets along their travels, collectors of knowledge and wisdom through their years… 
i like to consider myself a collector

 three:  it’s about the pursuit. we sometimes forget that life is a journey… we get so caught up in the day-in and day-out of our lives that we forget the reason we wander this earth or to even attempt to understand the reason we are here.  sometimes i find myself longing to be somewhere else… to live somewhere-in a time-that isn’t ruled by the time clock and the almighty dolla dolla bill.  life cannot be lived to just make money or to get to the top… there has to be more to our existence.  i believe that with all my heart.  life is about growing intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
{{at least that’s my philosophy}} 
and i believe we all have many purposes in life.
we just have to seek them out!

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2 Responses to beginnings…

  1. Betty says:

    Traci, love it!!! You are one amazing gal. I look forward to reading your ongoing blog. Maybe I will get some ideas from you. Take care.

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